Government IT Certification Tests are Deceitful

Government IT Certification Tests are Deceitful

Many people have said to stop interjecting my opinion in my more than 7500 online articles. They say my opinions are not politically correct and even though I have literally kicked every single authors butt in the number of article views I have (2 million). Even though I have now become the himbhoomi number one most abundant online author in the history of mankind and proven that people want the truth and are glad to learn someone who states it with a reality check perspective, the politically correct professionals, hypocrites and producers of falsehood still not allow i always know what What i’m saying is.

You see so many things we do in our world are entirely ridiculous. I just went to take a test to get certified to do something. The test was a government certification test on a subject I am literally a 20-year seasoned of. And when I say 20-year seasoned I really mean a 18 hour a day 7 days a week seasoned, not a 4-6 hour a day pretender of 15-years ideally upgraded to 20-years because no one will notice.

Now when I was reading the question, I thought to myself what a friggin less relevant question. In fact the question the way it was worded had no right answer at all. The sentence structure made no sense whatsoever and yet it was on the test. Yes, I finished up getting the question right, by reading into the bureaucrats mind who wrote the test. But you know, business professionals should not have to deal with these incessant on-going education tests, simply in the interests of having them and a box checked in a file somewhere.

Most of these government certification tests are ridiculous and waste productivity. My time, that i could be spending doing something of real value for myself, family, country or mankind and this wasting individuals societies time serves no purpose, expect follow training. Silly humans it is time to turn down this crap and demand the us government stop wasting our time and brain washing us into the realm of low self-esteem, helplessness and linear thought. But hey that is only my very observant opinion. If you do not notice, they have won and you no longer control your own mind. Consider that in 2006.

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