Know about Ecstasy ( MDMA ) Drug Test

Know about Ecstasy ( MDMA ) Drug Test

MDMA (ecstasy) is a designer drug first manufactured in 1914 by a German drug company for obesity treatment. MDMA is a commonly over used drug today, also called as adam, massiv, cocoa beans, and love drug. MDMA causes the user to feel a very intense rush (hurriedness) or euphoria mdma kaufen (extreme happiness or relaxation). MDMA is a dangerous drug that it can kill first time users due to an hypersensitive reaction. Continuous use of MDMA can lead to serious brain damage, memory loss, and motor skill problem. Urine drug testing is used to detect the presence of ecstasy ( MDMA ) as the test procedure is simple.

Specimen collection:

MDMA drug use can be identified using urine drug testing method. Testing should be done for a passing fancy day of specimen collection immediately after collecting urine samples. The sample should be clear without any broken phrases. Prior to testing urine samples should be maintained at room temperature compulsorily.

Test Procedure:

· In a cassette type of testing analysis, with the help of specimen dropper, take out the urine sample from the specimen cup and slowly release 3 droplets (approximately 120uL) into the circular sample well. Care should be taken not to overfill the absorbent pad.

· In a deprive type of testing, immerse (dip) the deprive into the urine with the arrow end pointing toward the urine. Care should be taken that maximum line is not covered by urine. This deprive is taken out after retaining it in urine for minimum of 15 seconds and may be laid flatly on a non-absorptive clean surface.

In a dipcard type of testing, immerse (dip) the absorbent (spongy) tip into the urine sample for 5 seconds. Care should be taken that urine sample do not touch the plastic device. Afterwards, it must be closed with cap over absorbent tip and laid flatly on a non-absorptive clean surface.

Meaning results:

For the test types, the results should be studied after five minutes.

· The result is positive if perhaps one pink-rose color band appears in the control ‘C’ region. There will be no band appeared in the test ‘T’ region. A confident result indicates the MDMA level is above the recognition understanding of 500 ng/ml.

· The result is negative, if two pink-rose color bands are developed, one band in the control ‘C’ region, the other in the test ‘T’ region. A poor result relates to that the MDMA level is below the recognition understanding of 500 ng/ml.

The test is reported to be broken, if there is no specific or transparent color band visible both in the test ‘T’ and control ‘C’ regions, or if there is a visible band only in the test ‘T’ region and not the control ‘C’ region. The specimen should be retested again.

The recognition period of Ecstasy ( MDMA ) in urine drug test ranges from to four days. This test can be carried out at home using urine drug testing kits and the results are almost instant. Running urine drug testing is easy by following directions and there is no need for a lab or technician to conduct the drug tests.

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