Nunukan Regency Hasn’t Determined CPNS Formation 2021/2022

Nunukan Regency Hasn’t Determined CPNS Formation 2021/2022

2021, Nunukan Region Hasn’t Determined CPNS Formations 2021/2022 ~ Seeing the number of formations needed by the central government of around 1. 2 million quotas for 2021 this could sscnbkn be the greatest chance for all Indonesian citizens who have qualifications relative to the registration requirements.

However, it turns out that not all local governments provide CPNS formations to the government. The absence of a budget is one of the reasons the local government does not apply for CPNS in 2021. Like the Nunukan region government, North Kalimantran state.

At the 2019 CPNS acceptance, the Nunukan Regency government did not apply for CPNS acceptance. This is because they want to encourage honorary staff who are in the Nunukan region government, as well as there is no cover selecting these state servants.

At the acceptance of CPNS 2021, the Nunukan region government once offered selecting CPNS which will be allotted for teachers. It’s just that after the change from the us government about the teacher PPPK program. For this reason, the Nunukan region government is considering selecting teachers from the PPPK walkway.

With this news, it will certainly be good news for anybody who act as honorary teachers, because the Nunukan region government will accommodate honorary teachers who have long served in the Nunukan region government. For information about teacher PPPK. Registration will open from May to Summer 2021, so the required documents must be prepared immediately

Listed below are the main requirements for PPPK teachers in 2021, which are offered from online media kompas. com April 10, 2021, specifically:

• Passport photo
• Identity Card (KTP)
• Family Card (KK)
• Graduation
• Other required documents (to be arranged later)

Meanwhile, other information about the PPPK selection process can be as follows

Each applicant is given the opportunity to take the selection examination three times. So if they fail at the first opportunity, applicants can study first and repeat the test twice in the same year or in the following year.

The Ministry of Education and Culture provides learning materials that are implemented online. Designed to help applicants prepare before the test begins.

Look for CPNS 2021 Update info at See also the mechanism for process the CPNS test at the SSCN BKN CPNS Registration 2021/2022

Regarding the cost of applying the test is borne by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

This year, the opportunity for CASN 2021 will be sustained considering the number of formations needed is around 1 million teachers.

About the cover participants who passed the PPPK teacher entry selection. The central government ensures the option of a cover salaries. This is the umpteenth opportunity the us government has fond of teachers, especially honorary teachers.

Those are some things that are deemed necessary to be communicated, especially for anybody who are waiting for information on the acceptance of CPNS 2021 especially in Nunukan Regency. For information once again, that the Nunukan region government will only open formation for PPPK teachers and that too is still in the discussion stage.

Another thing that needs to be informed is the limited cover CPNS acceptance in 2021, so that it only opens formation for teachers through the PPPK path. For anybody who are waiting for the formation of CPNS in the Nunukan region government, you can wait before CPNS acceptance the following year.

More info can be accessed on the official page of the Nunukan Regency government on the page or also through the Nunukan BKPSDM page over the internet

Hopefully the information provided pays to, especially for anybody who are waiting for information about the acceptance of CPNS 2021, especially in the Nunukan Regency Government of North Kalimantan.

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