Motorcycle Scarves – Hitting the Biker Road With Style!

Motorcycle Scarves – Hitting the Biker Road With Style!

Motorcycle scarves! Did you know there are a lot of motorcycle scarf designs available in stores for you to choose from? The plain white 100% silk scarf for example is a great design for a motorcycle scarf. Below are some other designs and options that may interest you:

Celtic tribal designs are great too. They complement the complexity of metal works that a biker usually has. Celtic tribals Silk road economic belt incredibly intricate, with swirls and repetitive lines like a mandala, and it offers us an infinite possibility of combinations and designs. At a closer look, it is least likely that there is someone who has the same exact design as yours.

Flames are also popular when we talk about bandannas or motorcycle scarf. It accents color and provides a strong sense of fierceness to the outfit. Flame designs have been around for quite some time, it is the symbol of rebellion, endurance and force that a character of a man has to possess. You can even make your own bandanna design. Grab a plain scarf, paint it with acrylic and or customize it with pins, brooches and jewelry. There are a lot of ways to have it on you too. You can choose to hide a knot or make it look more rough and edgy. Or wrap around the head for that Jackie O look in the highway.

There are also techniques in the way they are folded and dressed up. Colors also play a lot of significance for bandannas especially when they are worn as a motorcycle scarf. It gives you identity, prowess, and sense of confidence especially when a scarf strikes someone’s fancy. The white silk aviator scarf is truly a man’s fashion item, but don’t forget… many woman wear these fashion statements also! Sometimes, the more old school a piece of scarf is… the better. In times where fashion can take wild turns and unpredictable revivals, sticking with what has worked, still works. Stick with versatile prints that work all-around. No need to worry about how to wear it. After all, most styles have been discovered already unless you find a funky new way to put it on your head.

There are a lot of ways to wear a bandanna. You can make it as your skull cap, face mask, scarf, headband, necklace or just wrap it around your wrist. The folding variations also require skills and a lot of practice.

There are also a lot of different bases for a bandanna. Examples are the triangle base, the adjusted triangle base, the bind base, the rolled bind base, the square bind base, rolled square bind base and the perfect rolled square bind base. The most common type of fold is the triangle base. From there, you can already try out some new methods of wearing it. The adjusted triangle is equally important especially when trying to modify the size of the bandanna and or trying out some new stuff as well. Winter motorcycle scarves are a lot thicker than ordinary ones.

Furthermore, you don’t need to be a biker just for you to wear one. Long as you’re a man whose fashion sense is a lot better than your peers, wants to rock with style and definitely masculine like that cowboy in the wild-wild west movie, you can wear that motorcycle scarf, hit the road and rock on!

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