Kona Coffee Bean Favorite Picks To Order In 2020

Kona Coffee Bean Favorite Picks To Order In 2020

Hawaiian Kona coffee is a favorite all around the world, and for good reason. It has a rich, big bodied taste that you can’t find in any other coffee. Kona coffee is grown on the island of Hawaii, also known as the Big Island. Most of the coffee farms located in Kona (lovingly referred to as the gold coast of Hawaii) are owned and operated by local families who have been running the farms for generations.

There are different grades of Hawaiian Kona coffee to choose from, depending on the quality and size of the beans harvested. While many companies offer 100% Kona coffee, you have to be careful not to choose a brand that is labeled as a Kona blend as these mixes usually contain no more than 10% Kona coffee. The rest of the beans originate from lower quality harvests from Brazil, Indonesia, and Africa.

The coffee is sun dried right on the Island, and then roasted to perfect light, medium, and dark  Kona Coffee Bean. The beans are freshest right after roasting, but purchasing coffee in air tight packages and then freezing them will provide a longer shelf life and in fact, can help to make the coffee last up to six months.

It isn’t possible to use the brand name on the package to determine whether the product is truly Hawaiian Kona coffee. This is because as previously mentioned, many products label their coffee as being from Kona, while only a small percentage of it actually is. Instead you will have to look for the fine print and the ingredient list on the package in order to determine whether the coffee is what it seems to be, 100% roasted beans from Kona.

Medium roasted coffees tend to take on a robust, lively flavor. Some call medium coffees full city or Vienna roasts. Darker roasts are more full bodied in flavor and usually contain less caffeine than their counterparts. They’re considered French or Italian roast methods. If you visit the Big Island of Hawaii, you can easily find the coffee belt where numerous farms and mills are located. You can take tours and learn all about how Hawaiian Kona coffee it made.

But whether you can make it to the island or not, there is plenty of opportunity to enjoy the rich flavors of 100% true Kona coffee. While you may not be able to find a full Kona blend at your local brick and mortar store, you should be able to find exactly what you are looking for right on the Internet. If you have never tried coffee from Kona before, consider trying the dark roasted blend in order to get a good idea of the true flavor of the beans.

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