Weekly Fantasy Football – Week 1 Running Back Picks

Weekly Fantasy Football – Week 1 Running Back Picks

The biggest advantage of weekly fantasy football leagues is you can draft players based on matchups, which is a huge advantage with running backs. Generally, you want to stay away from the Jets and Steelers defenses and take advantage of the Bills and Bengals.

Week 1:

1. Chris Johnson

There has been a small backlash against Johnson because of his contract holdout. I do not expect him to miss a beat. Matt Hasselbeck will be good enough to keep Jacksonville’s defense honest, but he knows Johnson is the playmaker and will lean on him heavily. Also, with the Jags cutting ties with David Garrard and counting on Luke McCown, their offense will struggle big time, which should give Tennessee plenty of opportunities to put up points.

2. Jamaal Charles

Charles is a great back, but I believe he and the Chiefs will regress from last year. However, they will have no trouble this week with Buffalo. The Bills had the worst rush defense in the bandar judi online last year, and Charles should easily put up over 100 yards and a couple TD’s this week.

3. Adrian Peterson

Similar to Tennessee, the Vikings brought in a new, veteran quarterback who will do a lot of handing off to Peterson while he gets acclimated with the offense. I also expect Peterson to get more receiving yards since McNabb will check down to him more often as he gets comfortable with his new receiving corps.

4. Arian Foster

There is still some concern about Foster’s hamstring, but I expect him to start and get a normal workload this week. He will break down the Colts/ poor run defense. Peyton Manning’s injury will also really hurt the Colts’ defense. If Kerry Collins is unproductive, Foster could be pounding a worn down Colts’ D that cannot get off the field.

5. Frank Gore

Gore is a force, and with the 49ers sticking with Alex Smith, Gore should get plenty of work this week. Gore has a tendency to get injured, but the first few weeks, while he is healthy and fresh, he will rack up big fantasy points.

Sleeper: LeGarrette Blount

The Lions seem to be a hot sleeper pick, but I am not buying the hype just yet. Suh is a beast, but he is better at getting after the quarterback than at stuffing the running game. Blount has gone from a free agent pickup no one wanted to the starter in a strong young offense. Blount doesn’t have the speed to bust huge runs like Chris Johnson, but he is a powerful short yardage rusher that will convert from the 1 yard line. He has also improved in the passing game, which adds to his value.

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